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Sensitive Skin Care in Summer

It is not uncommon for people to have sensitivity issues as they age. This is especially common in the facial area where people tend to rub their hands and faces all day long. When it comes to Sensitive Skin care in summer it becomes imperative to use a gentle facial cleanser with SPF 15 and a good toner. The reason being that most people do not use a sunscreen when out in the sun and this is what causes the sun’s harmful rays to harm the face.

Face Wash

Most toners and masks meant for sensitive skin in summer will also clean the face but it will be very dry and stripped of it’s natural oils. Using a facial wash every day in the summer can be difficult as many have cotton hair or wool on their face and these pull the skin tight. However, using the proper cleansers and toners coupled with the proper products can minimize this effect to a minimum. A facial wash can be used in the morning and once in the evening as part of your routine.

You can buy a soft soap at a health food store or department store and use this on a regular basis as part of your facial cleansers and toners. The soap will also clean the skin and strips it of excess oil and dirt. You can also add a dab of olive oil and massage this into your skin prior to washing so you have a rich moisturizing effect when you wash.

Moisturize the Body

After your face is clean you can moisturize the body with a light oil such as coconut oil. You can also use an SPF cream that has been formulated for Sensitive Skin in the summer to help shield the skin from the sun. Some people will even use a base cream before the moisturizers and the sunscreens. When it comes to Sensitive Skin, you need to stay away from mineral oil. Mineral oil clogs the pores and causes breakouts, which makes it difficult for Sensitive Skin to breathe.

Sun Screen 

Your eyes should be well moisturized and contain sunscreen in the summer. When you go out in the sun you should use a moisturizer on your face as well as a high SPF cream on your arms, chest and groin area. If you have dry skin around your mouth and nose, use a sheer cover up to keep debris from falling into these areas. For all areas of sensitive skin, you should always use perfume. Avoid perfumes that have alcohol because this increases sensitivity.

Sensitive skin needs careful handling during the summer months. It is important to remember to care for your skin properly by using the right products and avoiding any chemicals that could possibly cause a reaction. Sensitive skin also needs lots of rest so the body can heal and return to normal functions. The best advice to protect your sensitive skin during the summer months is to follow the simple steps above.