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Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Top Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

Bridal make-up tips are always the first to go! With a wedding ceremony just around the corner, what could be more exciting and absolutely refreshing than the bride and groom walking down the aisle on their wedding day? To add that heavenly touch, the bride and groom would need all the help she can get. And the best help she can get would definitely be from their respective bridal makeup artists who would be the determining factors in their overall appearance. Bridal eye make-up is one of the most crucial components of a bride’s total make-up collection. Here are some of the most popular and useful Bridal Eye Makeup Tips for this season to guide you in your quest for beauty.

Highlighting Brow

Highlighting the brow is one of the most popular Bridal Eye Makeup Tips. It may seem easy enough to apply a colored brow brush or pencil before applying your makeup, but when it comes to actually creating that majestic ‘wow’ effect, a proper application of color is absolutely crucial. For a daytime wedding, a neutral brownish-blonde highlighter would do the job. A light touch is required when blending this shade along the bone structure of the brow in order to bring out that natural depth that makes a real statement. This Bridal Makeup Tip can also be used to highlight the eyebrow.


Another one of the most effective Bridal Eye Makeup Tips would be to use a waterproof mascara as opposed to the water-based versions, which usually end up smearing on the eyes and clogging them. Water-based mascaras are best used with the help of special cosmetic brushes called’shadows’ or ‘contours’ in order to get a more defined look with the mascara. The best part about using a water-based mascara for Bridal makeup tips is that you can use the wet-cluster motion when applying it and avoid the massaging motion often done with the conventional type. By using a brush like this, your lashes will look thicker and longer and will appear to be more natural looking.

Liquid Liners

For small eyes, consider using a liquid liner for your Bridal eye makeup tips. Liquid liners tend to be a bit thicker and heavier, and are better applied with a brush, rather than merely using the fingers, to achieve the look you want. A few drops of eye-shadow will give you the natural look you are searching for with the eyes of your dream.

Perhaps the most important of all Bridal Eye Makeup Tips would be to get your makeup just right from the beginning. If your dress is too dark or too light, your makeup might not look as natural as you would like. It’s not a good idea to arrive at your wedding with smudges, lines or wrinkles in your eye area because your wedding day is all about looking beautiful. Try to stay away from the makeup baggy or heavy bridal makeup and instead choose bridal makeup that is elegant and light, but still has enough body to enhance your facial features.

Important Tips

Bridal makeup can make you look fabulous, but it can also make you look silly. One of the most basic things to remember is that lighter shades go with blonder faces and darker ones go with heavier faces. As an example, a brunette girl could use bright red lipstick, but a blonde could also wear a nice shade of plum. You should choose a flattering color and make sure that it is a color that will enhance your eyes and lips. Bridal makeup tips also suggest that you buy your lipstick a few shades darker than what you think you need. Not only will this make your lips look striking and beautiful, it will enhance your look in a unique way.